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Speedpack Hybrid Options:

Options available on Speedpack Hybrid machine


Bag open detection by sensor

Bag open detection by sensor

Roll bag sensor

Roll bag sensor for Speedpack

Count and Fill System

Count and Fill System for free flowing products

order fulfillment

Mail order fulfillment

Stainless steel cover

The machine can be plated with stainless steel AIS 304

Bag stretcher

Bag stretcher to stretch the bag during sealing, assures straight…

Heavy product clamps

Heavy product clamps to support the sealing process for heavy…

Bag support table

Bag support table, support plate folds away after each seal

Bag support table with lift

Bag support table with lift

Air press device

Air press device presses the air out of the bag before it is…

Needle roll

Needle roll to perforate the film

fixed funnel

Fixed funnel

Accumulating funnel

Accumulating funnel; will accumulate the products before they…

Punch hole

Punch hole

euro hole

euro hole in the bag

Chevron seal

Chevron seal

Chain bag with perforation

Chain bag (with perforation)

Tear notch

Tear notch for easy opening

End of film sensor

End of film sensor

discharge conveyor

Discharge conveyor for transporting packed products

Sorting table

Sorting table



handshake sync cable

Handshake sync cable and port

Photocell start

Photocell start, detects the hand or product when the product…

Foot Pedal

Using a foot pedal gives the operator the opportunity to use…

Validatable system

Validatable system (cleanroom, ISO 11607 part 1&2 compliance)

Coding systems

Coding systems; possibility to connect all kinds of printers/labellers…

Extended film reel holder

Extended film reel holder for mounting labeller