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Outlet store:

Showroom models, 2nd hand and earlier models at bargain prices. The machines offered in the outlet store are only available in Holland, Germany or in the U.K.

On these machines we give a 6 months guarantee.

All our prices are EX-VAT.



Vacuum chamber machine VMS 173

VI 475 Vacuum sealer

VI 475, vacuum impulse sealer

Audionvac Vacuum chamber machine

Audionvac VMS 163 HGT, stainless steel tabletop vacuum chamber

Tabletop L-sealer

Tabletop L-Sealer 1614

Sealer 300B shrink packaging

300 B shink sealer

D 775 MPCV

Contimed D 775 MPCV

1021 MGMIT

Large Magneta motor sealer with industrial double seal

Volumetric cup doser

Volumetric cup doser for automatic packaging machines

Auger filler

Auger filler for automatic packaging machine


Optimiser for automatic packaging machines